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About Yankin' Hank

Yankin' Hank was formed during the spring of 1998 by four reckless talents. These pioneers of music are as follows:

Patrick Blake - (Guitar, Vocals) - "Patty B" saw this coming together as the end of the beginning and the start of a new-age of people who think they can play music. He has been here since the begin and has been running around in circles ever since.

Matthew Edwards - (Guitar, Vocals) - "Matty E" is an excellent songwriter, one evident in just about all of our songs. If anyone asks, call him "Don" because a lot of people are after him, including the Hamburgler.

Zach Forman - (Drums) - "Rabbi For" comes to us from Israel where playing the drums is against the law. He escaped torture by riding in the womb of an arabian camel until he reached safety.

Jimmy Berkencamp - (Bass) - "Jimmy" is the young talent of the group, he plays every instrument including Zach's Jews Harp. He is affectionately know as the Gay One for obvious reasons if you ever meet him.

*Gboyega Uku Benje - (Anything he can get his hands on, Vocals) - Gboyega is an original Yankin' Hank and some still call him the "Fifth Yankin' Hank." There is no istrument left in the band so Gboyega prides himself on learning the spoons so he can once again rock out with Yankin' Hank.

*Billy Prokopy - (ex-drums) Also an original Yankin' Hank. While in the US he was caught molesting the dead horse twice and was subsequently deported back to Canada where he now resides. He is the best punk drummer you've ever seen.

* - No longer playing with the band


The next show is at "The Mason Jar." We will be playing at 7:00 P.M. and end at 8:00 P.M. Many great bands will be playing. The Mason Jar is located at 23rd St and Indian School in Phoenix, AZ.

If you wish to obtain a CD, Mail Your address along with 15 dollars and you should receive your cd within a few weeks.

If you wish to obtain a Yankin' Hank shirt follow the same instructions as above but send 18 dollars.

We hope to have audio of the cd and visual of the shirt on soon

If you want to purchase Punk CD's or just Cds visit

E-Mail -- We'd like to hear from you

Pat -

Billy -

Gboyega -

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